Skylark's Staff

Here we introduce the system through which Skylark provides pleasant service.

We make a number of efforts to secure excellent
staff members so that our customers can
enjoy affordable and great-tasting food with good service.

We view the human resources who work in the Skylark Group as a valuable asset. Approximately 100,000 employees, including part-time employees, work in the approximately 3,200 restaurants and stores in all over Japan and overseas country. These quality individuals make it possible for us to provide quality services.

System to secure excellent staff members

To secure quality individuals, we handle recruitment through a centralized recruitment office at headquarters instead of an individual employment office in each store. This encourages and helps us communicate more effectively with applicants.
Using this centralized recruitment office for the entire group, we have set up a system to meet motivated applicants' requirements by quickly getting in contact with them and providing information about possible stores to which they can commute

Creating a pleasant working environment

We have established a training program and set up a system for managers and trainers to conduct comprehensive training so that new staff members quickly become accustomed to their duties and remain in their jobs for a long time. We also provide support for workplaces that encourage long-term employment by offering a promotion path to full-time positions and sharing the values and business knowledge of employees as members of the Skylark Group. Our retention rate is higher than other food service companies, with about 35% of our part-time employees registered for three years or longer.

Improvement of work-life balance through enhancement of personnel system

In order to enhance the work-life balance of employees, we have been reforming and improving various personnel systems.

  • Acquired childcare support company certification "Kurumin Mark" (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
  • Acquired "Tomonin Mark" certification to support work-nursing care balance (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
  • Extension of retirement age to 65 years old. Extension of employment to 70 years old.
  • Expansion of limited area employment
  • Shortened late-night opening hours
「Kurumin Mark」「Tomonin Mark」