Tasty Dishes at Affordable Prices

Here we explain the system that allows us to provide tasty dishes at affordable prices.

The Skylark Group has established an efficient system to provide safe, secure, and tasty food at affordable prices. We have also developed a wide variety of brands and menu selections to satisfy the needs of customers.

Original and Efficient Supply Chain

Our group manages every part of the food provision process internally, from food procurement to preparation at the central kitchens (our own factories) and final delivery to each store. Taking advantage of our economies of scale in each process, we are able to serve safe, secure and tasty food at affordable prices.

Food Procurement that Takes Advantage of Our Scale

We procure quality food at competitive prices by means of purchasing large quantities of food. This is only possible because of the large scale of operations we possess, with our 3,100 stores across Japan.
In addition, our food procurement team and menu development team work closely together to create menu selections eagerly awaited by our customers.

Central Kitchen

We have 10 central kitchens (our own manufacturing facilities) nationwide where our skilled staff members prepare food quickly, systematically and professionally. There they cut vegetables and meat, as well as prepare various kinds of original sauces in bulk.
This intensive system for the minimal and general food preparation in our central kitchens reduces the work load of the kitchen staff in each store, helping us to provide quality dishes to our customers in a consistent manner in all of our stores.

Strong Delivery Network

Food is prepared and treated at the central kitchens and delivered to each store every day. Our group-operated delivery network enables us to deliver fresh food more efficiently and serve it to our customers.

Effective Store Operation

In terms of the preparation process at each store, the most important issue is to provide food with consistent quality at every one of our restaurants across the country. We have established a system to quickly serve delicious food in our stores by preparing a manual that explains easy-to-understand procedures and provides instructions on how to prepare dishes.

A Wide Variety of Brands and Menu Selections to Satisfy the Needs of Our Customers

A number of factors drive the ever-changing nature of our customers' lifestyles and needs, such as more women in the workforce, the expansion of the senior-targeting market, and the diversification of consumption behavior.
We devise creative solutions so that customers of all generations, from children all the way to the elderly, can enjoy our services in a wide variety of settings, from everyday dining to more luxurious dinners.

Responding to diverse customer needs through our wide portfolio of brands

We have a wide variety of brands ranging from multi-purpose restaurants, such as Gusto, to restaurants specialized in Chinese, Japanese, and Italian cuisine. This variety enables us to meet the needs of customers in a market where these needs are becoming more diversified yet specific.
We work to cater to the different needs of customers. There are customers who prefer restaurants with food that children enjoy; there are also those who seek a place where they can enjoy talking with their friends. We also strive to provide a place where 3 generations - children, the parents, and the grandparents can all get together, and respond to the diversifying desires of people who want to eat a particular food on a particular day.

Responding to diverse customer needs through our wide portfolio of brands

Developing menu items in response to market changes

We not only depend on our many years of experience, but also scientifically analyze data based on information gathered from POS receipts from our restaurants and other sources. This enables us to determine the characteristics of our customer base and provide food which accurately meet each customer's needs.
We are making creative efforts to meet the needs of women, men and the elderly. The various menu selections we make are cooked from the same kinds of food, enabling us to effectively use the quality food we obtain through the procurement process.
One of our strengths is that our food procurement team and menu development team work closely together to develop new menu selections.

Delivery Business

As the home delivery market expands, our delivery business (room service) continues to grow steadily with expanding operating stores and increased sales per store. Currently, we provie the services at about 1,000 stores of Gusto, Jonathan, Bamiyan, etc.. In 2018, we plan to expand operating stores focusing on Yumean. Delivery business is forecasted to further grow through IT investment and building efficient mixed delivery system.

Delivery service at approx. 1,000 stores nationwide
Delivery Sales
Delivery Business


Currently, take-out service is offered at almost all stores (except for some brands). In 2015, we started receiving orders via the Internet, and the sales have being steadily growing each year. The strength of our service is to be able to choose menus of various food categories from various restaurant brands.

Take-Out Sales
Take-out order site
Take-out order site